Operators and owners of mission critical systems can expect to be vulnerable to a cyber security attack at any time, according to SCADA expert, Greg Jones.


The threat of cyber attacks is very real. Those most at risk are organisations that provide business critical infrastructure or essential services. Current security technology requires significant expertise, effort and investment to maintain. 

“Increasingly, Australian businesses are required to operate in a global environment and cannot consider themselves isolated from the cyber threats that have occurred in other countries, such as the cyber spies who, over a six month period in 2012, targeted twenty-three gas pipeline companies accessing information that potentially could have been used to sabotage US pipelines,” said Jones who heads up Titan ICT Consultants’ SCADA, Telecoms and IT Integration division.

While most network systems have security firewalls in place, it is now thirty year old technology and hackers have developed many methods to bypass them. Data Diode technology is being utilised in other countries as a measure to overcome the limitations of firewalls. 

“A firewall allows connections in and out. A Data Diode restricts the communication so that data can only be transmitted in one direction. This guarantees network gateway security against all external threats,” said Jones.

“Data Diode technology isn’t new; it originated from the Military and in the last five years, we have seen it enter the mainstream market across other countries, as global influences strengthen the case for business critical systems to adopt the next level of security,” 

Titan ICT Consultants has partnered with Waterfall Security Solutions to bring its Unidirectional Security Gateway using Data Diode technology to Australia. Its technology is benchmarked by and partners with global technology leaders Schneider Electric, Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi and others.

“Any Australian business that wants to guarantee network gateway security needs to consider Unidirectional Security Gateways. The technology is simple to deploy and maintain with a lower total cost of ownership than firewalls. 

However it isn’t necessarily for all business operations. Our role as system integrators is to assess whether this technology is the right solution for a client and warrant an upgrade of its online security.”

Titan ICT Consultants and Waterfall are undertaking an information session on Cyber Security with Data Diodes on Thursday, 18 September, 2014 in Perth. To express interest in attending the session contact titanict@titan.net.au. Spaces are limited.

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