Titan ICT Consultants has been appointed as a Preferred Supplier to the Western Australian Local Government Association (‘WALGA’) for the provision of ICT Consulting Services. 


As the peak industry body representing local governments in the State, the WALGA appointment allows Titan ICT to provide ICT Services to the 139 Authorities it represents.

Ron Costanzo, General Manager of Titan’s IT Consulting division said “The selection on the WALGA panel complements our position on State and Federal Government ICT Services Panels including the WA State Government CUA 14008 and 23706 Panels, and the Federal Department of Human Services and participating Agencies Panel SON867801.”

“While Titan ICT already has established long term relationships with several Local Government Authorities, this appointment now enables all Authorities to easily engage us as a pre-qualified provider of quality-assured ICT expertise.”

“Importantly, the appointment gives Local Government bodies impacted by the Metropolitan Local Government Reform Program initiatives the ability to leverage Titan ICT's strength in strategic planning, process, systems and technology assessments, and organisational and operational change program management”, said Costanzo.

Titan ICT’s recent success in winning Government contracts is based on its focus on clearly understanding the client’s requirements and outcomes, quality and industry standards-based approach and ability to provide independent advice.

For more information contact Ron Costanzo on +618 6467 0600 or ron.costanzo@titan.net.au

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