Titan ICT Consultants has appointed Ron Costanzo to head up its IT Consulting Division in a move to bolster its position in delivering a total ICT solution package to its clients.

ACMA has recently revised the Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instruction (“RALI”) as a result of a review process with major industry stakeholders guided by the Radiocommunications Consultative Committee (RCC). The following modifications are now in effective for the Land Mobile Services.

ACMA radio frequency planning and assignment services are now available through Titan ICT's Zsolt Remias who is accredited under the Radiocommunications Act.

Titan ICT Consultants has appointed Rodrigo Alvarez as Senior Consultant Railway Systems. Rodrigo has comprehensive experience in railway telecommunications deployment projects with an emphasis in design and implementation of GSM-R networks and ERTMS signalling systems.