Titan ICT Consultants has signed an Agreement with London-based Orbus Software that sees Titan ICT become the first local Orbus Business Partner in Australia to sign up to its new Partner Alliance Program.

Titan ICT Consultant's rail specialist, Rodrigo Alvarez, is packing his bags and heading to that Hub of Empire affectionately known as 'The Smoke'.

Titan ICT Consultants has appointed Greg Jones as Lead SCADA Consultant. Mr Jones has over twenty years combined Engineering and ICT experience, and is a specialist in SCADA, Telecommunications and IT integration.

The appointment complements Titan ICT's expertise in delivering turnkey solutions across both OT and IT divisions within the Resource, Energy and Transport sector.

Titan ICT Consultants has been appointed as a Preferred Supplier to the Western Australian Local Government Association (‘WALGA’) for the provision of ICT Consulting Services. 

Titan ICT Consultants has supplemented its service offering to Government in being appointed to a further four categories with the Government of Western Australia CUA14008 Panel for ICT Consulting Services.

Operators and owners of mission critical systems can expect to be vulnerable to a cyber security attack at any time, according to SCADA expert, Greg Jones.